Wednesday, 12 August 2015

London Holiday

Last week we had a holiday at Nana Sue's house. Simon and I have both been rather tired of late, so we were not feeling very ambitious about this week, but we still managed to get a few adventures in. This is Lucy, Tarquinius and Cyrus in the Diana memorial fountain in Hyde Park, a very popular choice for the kiddies. 
They enjoyed climbing in statues too.
The Diana Memorial Playground at Kensington Palace is pretty spectacular too. The pirate ship is very realistic. Tarquin and Cyrus were as thrilled to be on tube trains as anything else we did.
Simon and I took advantage of in-house babysitting to spend a rather marvellous day at the London Temple on Tuesday.  None of us had ever been to the Heineman Museum in Dulwitch, and it's highly recommended for children, so we drove to it on Wednesday and had a lovely day there. (Note the amazing London skyline in the distance)
On Friday Simon and I actually went to a west end show! I certainly don't see much theatre anymore, it was fantastic. Back to real life now, though I'm still enjoying life without the school run. 

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